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Baby Leggings for Children with: Flower Bowl

SKU 4975462|6months

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The Story

This picture was taken at a Vietnam restaurant on Whyte Ave in Edmonton. While enjoying some amazing food for supper I noticed a beautiful pot of flowers that were floating by the door. The decoration brought a feeling of hominess and comfort to the restaurant that was exquisite. What captured my attention the most was the beautiful flower colours that the restaurant chose to include in the decoration. They paired so well together.

The Product - Durable and Long Lasting

Babies and toddlers are movers and shakers. Determined to never hang out in one place for too long, once that moving starts it never ends! That’s why we have modified our signature performance leggings to now fit your little ones! Designed to stretch as your baby moves and explores, our baby/toddler leggings are durable to hold up against all the elements in your baby’s world and our vibrant prints will withstand washing over and over. 

Our baby/toddler leggings are very unique items. They are designed with our own personal photos and 100% made in Canada. We pride ourselves in being able to support our local economy and bring you high quality products that your baby/toddler will likely outgrow before they wear out.

Important Features:

  • Our leggings are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex performance fabric that is manufactured in Canada. This makes them stretchy and allows the leggings to move with your baby/toddler instead of working against them.
  • The performance fabric features EcoPoly fiber. This fiber is eco-friendly as it requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing than conventional polyester.
  • Every pair of baby leggings is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada so you are supporting local businesses when you shop with us.
  • Our signature performance fabric is made by a local Montreal mill.
  • Designed with a vivid print that will never fade after washing meaning long lasting colour in case you need to hand them down to the next one.
  • This ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings allowing for a longer life and less clothes shopping.
  • Easy care: Machine or hand wash your leggings in cold water with a phosphate-free detergent, tumble dry on medium to high heat or hang to dry, do not bleach.
  • Fabric will dry quickly so baby can be moving around in their leggings again soon.


Your printed baby leggings are perfect for day wear. Please do not use your baby leggings as pajamas. Since polyester does not breathe as well as natural fabrics, we do not recommend them to be worn overnight or for sleeping.

Ideas Of Ways To Wear It:

  • Go Out And Play: Have the most stylish baby on the slides! Our baby leggings are easy to wash after an intense day at the park.
  • Mommy/Baby Set: Be the most adorable pair in town. Create your own Mama/Baby legging sets and take cute to a whole new level.
  • Be A Messenger: Use your baby leggings to convey the good news! Announce a new baby brother or sister in the most personal way.

Safe for your little ones

Clothing designed for children is required by law to pass compliance testing in order to be determined safe for wearing. Our manufacturer has worked with a 3rd party accredited testing lab in the USA to certify our baby leggings. Below is a copy of the certificate stating the section the leggings (including fabric and print) were tested for and the results (PASS!). The report was completed Dec 10, 2014.

Click here to see the report


Check Out Our Eco-Poly Info Sheet

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