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Long Sleeve Shirts

A New Stylish Option is Here!

No matter the time of year or day, but especially as the seasons transition, we challenge you to take your basic wardrobe to a new level with our custom printed Milltex Unisex Long Sleeve Tee.

These long sleeve tees are designed with both men and women in mind because we don't anyone to feel left out.

Our long sleeve tees feature cozy long sleeves that are a super comfortable wardrobe-must-have. All of our long sleeve tees are digitally printed with vibrant, custom designs that won't fade or wash off.

Made from a combination of cotton and spandex, our long sleeve tees are light and comfortable no matter your day may hold. They will move with you and keep you comfortable no matter the situation.

Our long sleeve tee selection may be smaller than our other product lines, but that is because we are very picky about which designs go onto our product. We strive to design unisex long sleeve tees that are classy and fun and look amazing, and not all designs provide that.

Check our our unisex long sleeve tees today and see what stands out to you.