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Our Mission

We each have a mission in life and I have discovered that giving back is part of mine. And I have a fun and exciting way in which we plan to do that. 

The first way is by providing high quality products to the world and communities that we love so much. But not just any products. Each piece of merchandise that we have on our site has been thoughtfully created. 

I have spent hours pouring through my photos to find the very best ones to share with the world. I have then spent hours taking those photos and turning them into fun, unique pieces of art. I know you're going to love them because I have loved creating everything that's offered!

The second way I will be giving back to the community, when the situations arise, is by supporting local fundraisers and silent auctions. I will do this by donating products to their causes in order to help local organizations make the most successful fundraisers they possibly can. I had a lot of people help me out in my life and it is time to start returning the favor.