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Face Masks - Safety and Protection Meet Style and Design

Covid-19 has thrown the whole world into a crazy place to be, but that doesn't mean it's a place to be 100% avoided. So while we're all practicing our safe social distancing and handwashing and mandatory mask wearing that's coming into effect in more and more places, why not choose a mask that's not only very well sewn, but is extremely stylish and has a fun design on it all at the same time?

Our cotton sateen face masks are double layered with a pocket in the middle for a filter to be added for added protection. With adjustable strings that allow you to tie the mask so that it properly sits on your face. It also comes with a metal nose piece, allowing for adjustability and comfort.

Coming soon are our new double knit face masks. These lightweight, double knit polyester face masks are precision cut and sewn eliminating the need for strings or elastics.

All of our face masks come with a beautiful and unique design that match so many other articles on our website. Make mandatory into fashion forward with a face mask that matches your outfit.