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Eco-Polyester Blog Post

Eco-Polyester: What Is It?

Our clothing is made from Eco-Polyester

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and consider what your clothing is made out of?

I know I haven't, until I started designing my own clothing.

Creating and designing clothing and other items has made me consider different things that I can honestly say I have never considered before.

Love the environment

And that's exactly what I've been doing while creating the information for our products that you as a consumer need to know.

One of the amazing things that I learned about is that a lot of our clothing is not made with normal polyester like a lot of big box store clothing is, but they are made with something called Eco-Polyester.

Eco-Polyester Uses Less Water than Regular Polyester During Production

Regular polyester is quite harmful to the environment to produce? It requires more than double the energy of conventional cotton, the production of polyester uses harmful chemicals, including carcinogens, and if emitted to water and air untreated, can cause significant environmental damage. And although the water-intensity needed for production is much lower than for natural fibers, polyester can't be dyed using low impact and natural dyes. This means that the detrimental impact on water supplies is potentially far greater.

Learn about how fast fashion is hurting our world

So we have partnered with a North American company that makes its clothing with eco-polyester. What is Eco-Polyester you might ask?

Eco-Polyester is material that uses less energy, less water and and less heat to create and is made from some recycled materials which makes it easier on the environment to create. 

    Our textile manufacturer is using the latest technology and equipment to produce a fabric processing system that reduces the amount of water consumed during the manufacturing of polyester fabrics. 

    When it comes to ECO POLYESTER:


    Less is More

    It's important to us to bring high quality products into the world and into the homes of people that will wear them for many years to come so partnering with a company who manufactures high quality products with a low environmental impact was a bonus. 

    The fact that all materials and the entire manufacturing process occurs in Canada as well is something that we are extremely proud of as well. Support local, Support our economy, Support our world!

    For more information check out our manufacturer’s official information sheet here.

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