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Notebook, Spiral-Bound, Custom Designed with our Frosty Picture

SKU 1824402|sketch-paper|plain|white

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The Story

Living in Canada we all know that there is frost around for a long time throughout the year. And I don't know about you, but I love looking at the frost, I think that it's so beautiful. Being outside in it is maybe not so enjoyable, but the beauty of it cannot be denied. I captured this picture off of my window one year when the frost was fresh and incredibly interesting.

The quote on the front cover was inspired by the frost and a time in my life when I needed to see the beauty and hope in life and the future. I use this book for all of my brain dumps, planning and problem solving. 


The Product - Make a Style Statement

Never again will you be the one who has the plain, boring notebook you can find at a place like Walmart or Target. Why be like everyone else when you can be unique and have a notebook that makes a statement! Also no one will steal it from you because it’ll stand out in a crowd.

Our spiral-bound printed notebooks are protected on the front and the back with a frosted polymer cover. This keeps the cover strong and protects the beauty that is inside. The great thing about our notebooks is that you can customize the inside to suit your needs.

Our paper is acid-free, sturdy and comes in a sketch or drawing paper style. The paper is thicker than the cheap notebooks you can get, making it easier for note taking and constant page flipping.

With our sketch option you can choose to to have:

  • lined paper
  • plain paper
  • graph paper
  • bullet paper (for those of you who have embraced the bullet journal method this is perfect)

We love that we can provide you with a spiral notebook that you can use to bring your illustrations, artwork, notes or any project you can dream up, to life.

Each of our notebooks are designed with care and a careful attention to detail so that each one is unique and fun. They are designed with our own personal photos and are 100% made in Canada. We pride ourselves in being able to support our local economy and bring you high quality products that you will be able to love and enjoy for years to come.

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