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Tea Towel with out Geometric Design

SKU 4760963|single|organic-cotton-hemp

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The Story

So have you ever seen those pictures on google or on social media of people who have painting the walls in cool geometric designs? Well I recently did and I loved it so much that I painted my living room wall in gold geometric patterns. It looks so cool! And I wanted to share it with you. Also, some people said that they wanted to see some geometric patterns on the store, so here you go! This line is for you. 

The Product - Functional, Versatile and Beautiful

Who says function can’t also be fashionable? Our tea towels are the perfect blend of fashion and function! Our different fabric options lets you be in charge of what you bring into your house as you add a towel to your kitchen that is intentionally designed to withstand even the most rough and tough jobs. 

Not only are our tea towels functional and beautiful, but the full-colour prints run edge-to-edge on this cut-and-sew tea towel. Your tea towel is finished with a double fold hem for a clean and durable edge.

Features Include:

  • All of our tea towels are made from organic cotton hemp (74%cotton/ 24% hemp) or pebble canvas (100% cotton) fabric. You choose which you want.
  • Our classic, versatile tea towels are sized at 17” x 26”.
  • Digitally printed with permanent reactive inks makes for a vibrant, never fade print on the front with a white back.
  • Care Instructions: When you first get your tea towel rinse it separately from other laundry with cold water. Following the rinse, run a normal cycle with cold water and detergent. Machine dry on high. Wash normally in cold water for subsequent washings. Can be dry cleaned. Do not bleach.

Innovative ways to use your tea towel:

Pop of Colour

Who says a tea towel is only good for drying dishes??

If your decor has a minimalist feel to it why not add that essential pop of colour that every room needs by adding a detail like tea towels? When you want to take the colour away, simply slide the towels into a drawer! Voila, commitment free decor.


Tea towels do more than clean up a mess, they can also be aesthetically pleasing. Use your tea towel as placemats for a fun meal setting or use one as a wall hanging for some unique textile art.

Gift that Keeps Giving

I don't know about you, but when I receive gifts I always love to get ones that encompass both function and beauty. So whether it’s a wedding, a baby shower, or even a birthday, a functional gift is always appreciated. Tea towels can be custom printed to be funny, endearing or just plain beautiful, making them a crowd pleasing gift.


Keeping your theme consistent requires looking at the details. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Have it custom printed. Custom print tea towels to match your kitchen, dining room or bathroom to really solidify your desired look.

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