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Crop Top for Women: Blue Lake

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The Story

Water is a fascinating part of nature. The different colours you can find it in, the way the waves make it ripple and form bubbles, the amount of life it holds within its depth. Water can be both soothing and scary. This picture was taken to capture the beauty of water as the wind pushed it around causing it to bring ripples and bubbles into existence. 

The Product - Stylish and Functional

Have you embraced the whole crop top fashion style yet? It’s definitely made a comeback recently. So why not be the most unique person around? Sure you could go buy a crop top for your work out or for your outfit from anywhere, but will they be as unique and cool as ours? Probably not!

Our crop tops are made for movement. They are designed to move with you so that you have the freedom you need to get through your day. From running some errands to running along your regular route, from lazing about at home to yoga practice, our crop tops will have you covered! 

The best part about our printed crop tops is that they are designed to pair perfectly with our classic or yoga capris and leggings! So now you have the option of getting a matching set and own your day like the boss you are!

Each of our crop tops are designed with care and a careful attention to detail so that each one is unique and fun. They are designed with our own personal photos and are 100% made in Canada. We pride ourselves in being able to support our local economy and bring you high quality products that you will be able to love and enjoy for years to come.

Important Features:

  • Our crop tops are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex performance knit fabric allowing for comfort, stretch, and flexibility.
  • The performance fabric features EcoPoly fiber, this fiber is eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing than conventional polyester. So not only do you get a great pair of pants, but you’re helping the planet at the same time.
  • Our signature performance fabric is made by a local Montreal mill.
  • Every athletic crop top is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada.
  • Chlorine resistant meaning you could wear it in the swimming pool if you had to, but it is not recommended.
  • All our crop tops are designed with our vivid print that will never fade after washing.
  • This ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings allowing for a long lifespan and a happy bank account.
  • The athletic crop top hem falls about 1-2” above the belly button on most people.
  • To get the longest life out of your crop top, Machine wash in cold water with a phosphate-free detergent and machine dry on medium to high heat. Do not bleach.
  • The fabric will dry quickly so you can wear your top again soon!

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