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Beanie with our Rocks Picture

SKU 4186858|adult-small-medium|bamboo|black

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The Story

Anything can be enchanting if you only take a moment to get out of your own head to see them. I captured this picture while on a walk through my neighborhood. I had stopped to kneel down to take a different picture and before standing up I stopped a moment to look around and see the world from a different perspective and I saw this. It's just a rock garden along the side of an apartment building, but by seeing it from closer to the ground, I was able to see it with a brand new set of eyes. Sometimes we just need to explore the world from a different perspective than the one we are used to.

The Product - Comfort and Style

Are you looking to upgrade your look? Or maybe it's high time you replaced the hat/beanie you already own because it's starting to fall apart? Well look no further. Our super comfortable and relaxed fit beanies are the perfect thing. Never be cold again on those chilly days and don’t stress those rare bad hair days! We have you covered no matter the occasion.

Important Features:

  • The shell is made from spun poly, 92% polyester and 8% spandex knit fabric making it stretchy in a comfortable way.
  • It has a lightweight bamboo lining of 95% bamboo rayon and 5% spandex.
  • The fabrics are highly pill-resistant which means that  your bank account will be happy as your beanie will last after multiple washings. 
  • Customize your beanie by choosing the lining colour that best suits you. Options include black or gray.
  • Every beanie is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada so you are supporting local businesses when you shop with us..
  • All our beanies are designed with a Vibrant print that will never fade with wear or washing.
  • Machine wash cold with a phosphate free detergent, lay flat to dry.

Different Ways To Wear Your Beanie:

  • Join the Kids club: Fall fashion for your little ones. These beanies are an easy way to convince kids to wear a hat outside!
  • Enjoy your exercise instead of rushing through it in order to get home sooner because you're cold. With a mild lining, you'll have work-out friendly head wear that's not too bulky for cooler days.
  • Not having the best hair day and no time to shower? Throw on this beanie and no one has to know!

Our beanies are very unique items. They are designed with our own personal photos and 100% made in Canada. We pride ourselves in being able to support our local economy and bring you high quality products that you will be able to love and enjoy for years to come.

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