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Everyday Technology to Lead a Greener, More Sustainable Life.

Everyday Technology to Lead a Greener, More Sustainable Life.

Make This Your Best Year Yet

If you're looking for ways to enter the year with confidence and live your best life ever, you need a holistic roadmap to carry you through. Free Flow Designs is a great place to start - whether you’re looking for a new wardrobe or a room makeover, this one-stop shop has it all!

Change Your Eating Patterns

According to the Canadian Government, there's no quick fix or secret recipe when it comes to good nutrition. Consume whole foods and whole grains, including fresh produce like fruit fruits and vegetables, lean meats and dairy, and add in plenty of water. Avoid processed, fatty, high-sodium, and high-sugar foods, and don't over-indulge when it comes to alcohol, caffeine, or energy drinks. While you don't want to deprive yourself of the occasional snack or treat, getting into food prep routines, shopping at farmer’s markets, and even growing your own produce can give you a healthier approach to diet.

Start a New Fitness Routine

Getting into a regime of physical activity will make it part of your daily habit, and keeping up with the routine will help you feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. According to the Canadian Sleep Society, getting regular exercise will help you sleep better, reduce stress, and give you a better overall outlook on life. Join a gym or exercise class, set up a fitness room in your home, or get your physical activity from something you enjoy, like playing on an intramural sports team, hiking with the family, dancing, or bike riding. Even with a busy schedule, you can still manage hourly walks around your building, and “sneaky exercise,” like climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Clean Out Your House

Sometimes a top-to-bottom cleaning can make your house feel more open, brighter, and lighter. Consider using natural cleaning products to reduce toxic chemicals in the air. Open up your windows, air out your home, and inject some positivity by decluttering. Donate, sell, or otherwise dispose of things that you no longer want or need. The simple act of cleaning your home can give you a fresh perspective. A little sage smudging can also be a way to drive out negative energy - a great clean slate approach if your family has been cooped up together and are starting to get on one another’s nerves.

Relieve Tension

Believe it or not, you can reduce tension and alleviate stress by making your home environment more inviting. Make your home a vibrant space by rearranging your furniture. You can create more opportunities for both privacy and for group gatherings by reconfiguring your rooms. You want everyone to feel at home while also having the opportunity to carve out their own little niches where they can go to rest, recharge, and revive themselves. Maybe this means adding privacy curtains or decorative screens to help everyone in the home have their “own” space, even in a full house.

Do Something New

Maybe it's time to start a new hobby, go back to school, or make a career change. If you feel there's something missing in your life or something you've always been interested in exploring, now may be the time! It could be as simple as a new hairstyle, a room remodel, or weekend spa trip, or as large as a travel agenda, learning a new language, or finding a new companion animal to join your family. Even something like stepping outside of your comfort zone - learn to kickbox or take up the cello! - can give you a new outlook on life!

We all need to feel good about ourselves to live our best lives, discover our bliss, and achieve our goals. Devote time and energy to your own personal care as a starting point. Take that first step today!

Free Flow Designs is home to one-of-a-kind offerings, including everything from seasonal decor to home accessories and apparel for the whole family. Visit the site today to learn more.

-Guest Post by Mark Harris

Photo By Pixabay

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